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Professional Certificate in English


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Professional Certificate in English


The Professional Certificate in English (PCE) has five (5) levels and can be completed within ten (10) months.

The PCE is designed according to standard international recommendations, aims to improve the students’ four cardinal skills in language acquisition: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The PCE prepares students for the Preliminary English Test (PET) suite of examination and for students’ progression from Starter (Level 1) to Advanced (Level 5). Students become more confident as they progress through the 5 Levels by being more involved in listening, speaking, reading and writing as well as doing research at the higher Levels.

Professional Certificate in English Levels Duration
Level 1 - Starter 2 months
Level 2 - Elementary 2 months
Level 3 - Pre Intermediate 2 months
Level 4 - Intermediate 2 months
Level 5 - Advanced 2 months



Learning Outcome

Level 1 – Starter

  • Understand the use of English
  • Be able to communicate in simple English
  • Improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills

Level 2 – Elementary

  • Develop and gain confidence in the use of the English Language
  • Familiarize with the high frequency words and phrases
  • Able to converse using basic English
  • Build a foundation in basic grammar and vocabulary

Level 3 – Pre Intermediate

  • Have more exposure to the newly acquired lexis an array of situations
  • To recognize and develop the specific aspects of speech and writing
  • Be able to recognize different tones and the stress in phonology

Level 4 – Intermediate

  • Understand the concepts of the Business English
  • Exposure to a variety of persuasive arguments and speaking
  • Techniques of self-expression in presenting and demonstrating
  • Able to write controlled /guided narratives and descriptive essays
  • Independent stage of language acquisition and opinions

Level 5 – Advanced

  • Understand the use of definitions, classification and concepts in Business English
  • Support ideas opinions in writing essays, narratives, reports and memos
  • Be able to construct and write essays, e-mails, reviews and articles
  • Be able to conduct presentations, express opinions and present arguments


Group Activities and Assignments

In addition to classroom lessons, students are required to spend two hours a day on enrichment programmes to support and strengthen their learning. They have access to library facilities and to online practice materials. Field trips are organized outside of the classroom curriculum. Students are encouraged to apply the English language outside classroom hours.


Full course (i.e. Level 1 to 5): 10 months
Each level: 2 months

Intakes (Course Start and End Date)

Jan - Feb
Feb - Mar
May - Jun
July - Aug
Sept - Oct
Oct - Nov

Entry Requirement

Minimum age: 13 years
Academic level: 6 years of basic education

  • Level 1 – Starter: No prior English required
  • Level 2 – Elementary: Starter or equivalent
  • Level 3 - Pre Intermediate: Elementary or equivalent
  • Level 4 - Intermediate: Pre-intermediate or equivalent
  • Level 5 - Advanced: Intermediate or equivalent

Course Materials

Students are required to purchase course and practice books.

Delivery Method

Through classroom lectures and tutorials, as well as enrichment activities.


Assessment is through coursework, oral and written examinations as well as field trips, activities and enrichment programmes. 


S/N Title List Fee
1 Professional Certificate in English SGD 2,247 for each level (2 months)


  • Application Fee for International and Local Students: SGD 374.50 (with GST).
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and Medical Insurance: please visit Insurance Information for details.
  • All course fees are exclusive of the prevailing GST (7%) and are subject to change.
  • FTMSGlobal reserves the right to review and revise the fees as it deems fit without advance notice.


Professional Certificate in English by FTMSGlobal Academy.


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