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Kothalawalage Don Hiran Sampath Kothalawala



Studying in FTMSGlobal has not only improved my professional . it has also improved my English. In my view, FTMSGlobal is the best learning centre for business and hospitality management studies.

Koh Wei Sheng



Passed P2 on first attempt with FTMS Singapore Tom and the help of his student guide book on group accounting. Definitely one of the best P2 lecturer. I didn't believe how good is Tom until I took the class and passed my P2.

Kanapathy Indrakumar



Dear Lecturer Rama,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality that has helped me tremendously through my journey at FTMSGlobal Academy in Singapore.

Without your helpfulness and directness, school would have been more challenging. I appreciate you being stern and letting me know what I am doing wrong along with giving my ways I can correct my mistakes. It is comforting to know that whenever I have a question you answer right away, which you know is all the time. I like that you refer to your personal study-related situations as examples when teaching a lesson along with regular course outline.

I have learned so much from you and I look forward to learning more in future at FTMSGlobal Academy. Thank you for being a remarkable lecturer. I am very grateful to have you as my lecturer, while thanking my other lecturers and the management team under the wings of Chairman Mr. B S Mangat.

It was a wonderful experience studying at FTMSGlobal academy and I will highly recommend FTMSGlobal Academy to those who want to develop their professional and entrepreneurial skills.

I wish all the best in FTMSGlobal Academy.

Kanapathy Indrakumar

Charlotte Irene Lee Boon Wan



Mr CK Fung,
Despite 5 failed attempts for my last paper for ACCA P7 Professional Level, indeed, I have made a right choice to attend your class to refresh my audit knowledge and update changes. I have made it this time in June exam. Your teaching and excellent personalised lecture notes made my exam preparation so much easier. Once again, thanks to you as I managed to pass both F8 and P7 through your teaching.
Your hard work will surely pay-off.

Charlotte Irene Lee Boon Wan
ACCA Feb 2014 Intake for P7 Paper

Nimali Priyadarshani



I am Nimali Priyadarshani, a student from Diploma class - Hospitality and Tourism Management. I will be completing my course on 30th July and the reason why I'm writing this letter to you is to thank you and all the lecturers and staff for their utmost support rendered me to have a worthy time period of studying at FTMSGlobal and also the great support and guidance given me to expose myself into a bright future filled with many opportunities.

I believe this is the right time for me to write this letter, as I'm completing my studies as well as I have been selected to do my On the Job Training for Marina Bay Sands. I'm really thankful to the school as I believe this is a golden opportunity for me as a beginner in the hospitality trade, who wants to build up the career and excel in the same trade. Also, I would like to specially mention and a very big thank goes to Ms. Rama for all the efforts and correct guidance provided as it was a great help for me in focusing on which path I should take in order to build up my career. Her guidance made us to be known for the opportunities available for us in this trade and how we should build up ourselves not only as professionals but also as well disciplined professionals. I believe as a student I have taken the use of most of her efforts and now waiting for more doors to be opened in the future. I also thank Ms.

Swathi who handled OJT related matters very systematically while cooperating with us smoothly. I thank FTMSGlobal Academy and wish all the best for all future endeavors.

Thanking You,

Nimali Priyadarshani
Student - DHTM

Anu Upadhyay


Master of Business Administration

It is great decision to select MBA programme from Anglia Ruskin University. I have strengthened my ability by enjoying the multinational atmosphere in Singapore. FTMSGlobal Academy is an ideal place for me to take this next step in my life, the place which will turn me from just another professional to a bonafide leader in future. While studying here i grew as an individual, learning to interact and talk to people from different and multicultural background. I came to Singapore, far away from India as I wanted to study within a global perspective that would enable me to learn about Asia Pacific emerging markets. This MBA is more than meeting my criteria through its location in top class global city (Singapore) that is positioned strategically in Asia’s emerging markets and learning so much on so many different levels, all the time and making some amazing students for the lifetime. FTMSGlobal is not only professional in teaching international student, but is also good at taking care of students with superb and fantastic staffs. Studying at FTMSGlobal is one of my best decisions ever.

Kosimov Zahriddin


BA (Hons) Business Management

"I knew that FTMSGlobal will provide me with the holistic all-rounded education I needed and I wasn't mistaken. FTMSGlobal core values are good for me as they are strong social values which are important in life.

Our school is good, they arrange student activities that are enjoyable and I am happy being a part of student union. Facilities, location and environment are excellent for students to learn to be tomorrow's professionals."

Alberto Nortilli


Master of Business Administration

"FTMSGlobal is one of the most professional and experienced private education in Singapore since it was established in year 1986. FTMSGlobal is a strong and global institution with registered 4 years EduTrust. FTMSGlobal live by its core values and inculcate this in the staff and students and this has benefited me as FTMSGlobal is grooming me today to be tomorrow's professional.

FTMSGlobal classrooms are spacious and conductive enough for me to study. The city centre campus is beautifully located on the ground floor and students benefit from the location and the surrounding environment of business, leisure and convenient transportation - 5 steps from MRT station into the campus."

Muzi He


Master of Business Administration

First and foremost I offer my sincerest gratitude to my supervisor Mr Wong Kit Chee and my lecturer Mr Soumen Ganguly, who have been marvellous mentors for me since I studied in facing of many challenges as a MBA student. I truly appreciate FTMSGlobal Academy who was on behalf of Anglia Ruskin University to offer me MBA course from which I have gained enormous benefits and a Master Degree of Business Administration with Merit ultimately.

In my opinion, FTMSGlobal is a college based on the principle of people-oriented. The staff provided me excellent service. As an international student who came from China, FTMSGlobal made me feel at home. I was learning in FTMSGlobal with pleasure and wonderful memories.

The capable lecturers are the assurances for the quality of education. The lecturers, who are both knowledgeable and ethical, treat international students with their great patience, so that I could devote myself to my assignments and studies with flying colours. I was able to comprehend the profound essence of MBA courses through not only their vast knowledge but also their dedication for the daily work, the tireless coaching and the persuasive guidance.

Luckily, I was to choose FTMSGlobal as my education provider to complete my MBA course successfully. It’s my honour to share my experience to more students for acknowledgement of FTMSGlobal’s excellent teaching.

Liu Jin


Master of Business Administration

The Anglia Ruskin University’s MBA provides a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management field, preparing me to walk into any business or function and add value towards my future growth. This MBA programme develops my capacity to transform my knowledge to the businesses and ensures me to have real opportunity to test those skills with Industry Partners. A beautiful campus setting in Singapore - FTMSGlobal Academy at PWC Building, classmates from many different cultures and their backgrounds, lecturers with interesting insights into current best industry practice and academic thinking, an intimate class-tutor environment, a focus on individual personal development, a team-based approach to assignments so essential in business today and multiple company projects offering the immediate opportunity to apply academic learning; all of these made the MBA programme a truly stimulating experience, and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.

Doing the MBA in FTMSGlobal in Singapore is a life-changing experience for me. Coming from a non-profit management background, many facets of the world of business is new to me and I found the course to be of an exceptional quality and easy to follow. Being an international student and travelling from China for the first time to Singapore added to my anxiety of study. The programme is designed and administered so seamlessly that I not only felt ‘the warm welcome’ but, my faculty and peers became a support system throughout my staying as well as a good networking relationship for life time. This, for me, is the biggest strength of the FTMSGlobal Academy’s MBA.

Alberto Nortilli


Master of Business Administration

The MBA programme from Anglia Ruskin University offers students an incredible opportunity to develop their leadership and personal management skills through constructive interactions and team works. I have the chance to attend this course thanks to FTMGlobal Academy in Singapore for the period of one year as full-time student. The environment in the campus is really captivating and motivating, lecturers are always available to any of my requirement and very helpful in my learning. The college’s emphasis on collaboration, sharing information and ideas among my fantastic classmates and colleagues makes FTMSGlobal Academy the perfect choice for the MBA course. I consider my experience in FTMSGlobal Academy to be one of the best moments I ever had and I am much confident this has been the best opportunity to grow up as both person and businessman.

Caroline Tanamas



I am truly pleased with my ACCA P3 paper results. Mr Marty Windle has been very encouraging and supportive throughout the course and he instilled in us the technique of grasping the main points and applying them in various scenarios.

Renata Agata Lichtenecker



I would like to thank FTMSGlobal and the lecturers for the steadfast support that I received in order to achieve the prize winner award for the ACCA F4 Law Paper. It shows me that a combination of hardwork, good study and lecturer support are essentials for targets that we set for ourselves. I am happy to have chosen a good college and hope to be able to rely on FTMSGlobal for my future papers. Many thanks.

Mega Mohnot



It is difficult to hide the delight on hearing that I have scored good results for my ACCA P3 paper. FTMSGlobal has to be given deserving credit for the wonderful lecturer they have and the support I had in focusing on the paper. The lecturer had been thoroughly professional in providing knowledge and technique on exam success. Whilst I owe this achievement to steadfastness and drive  - ACCA papers are difficult to pass - I would also like to thank the wonderful college and the lecturers for their support and guidance.

Huang Ying Qiao



I always found the financial industry very interesting and exciting. So I did some research and spoke to some of my friends, who encouraged me to take the ACCA Course at my institution. It is a challenge to work and study at the same time but I just try to manage it. At times, I skip some lessons because I'm too tired from work but I make it up by studying what I missed in class. The lecturers are great at spotting exam questions. Their lectures are very helpful and their slides are usually very informative. I made the right choice. It is very easy to travel to FTMSGlobal as it is next to Raffles Place MRT station. It is also very easy to communicate with our teachers since the class sizes are kept to 20 students or less.

Anitha Sudarsanam



"It is not just what you'll learn.. It's how you'll tackle the exam questions too. Lecturers' tips are priceless!

FTMSGlobal has a good class schedule and comprehensive coverage of syllabus. The lecturers are very committed."

Uong Si Minh Luong


BA (Hons) Business Management

I really value my education at FTMSGlobal Academy for many reasons. First, I get to learn about many things I never knew about. Another reason is that the teachers here really care about you and your education. Also, I have a lot of chances to make up work during the week. Tutoring is also available after school for those students who don’t understand something. I also have the opportunity to join a variety of clubs, such as the soccer club. I also get to learn many things which I never knew before. Lastly, this school has a safe learning environment and I learn many things here. These are some of the many reasons why I value my education at FTMSGlobal Academy in Singapore Studying in Singapore especially at FTMSGlobal Academy is very unique as there are good styles of teaching, decent facilities and conducive environment that can motivate anyone to pursue their studies without regret. When researching for courses, I realized that studying at FTMSGlobal in Singapore is like studying in the UK and USA, because most of the things that are taught in the UK and USA are also taught at FTMSGlobal at the same level . Another thing that I really admire Singapore for is that the methods and ideas that they use to host foreign student is remarkable.

Thank you very much for all knowledge and skill that FTMSGlobal have taught us! All the best for you.

Best regards
Uong Si Minh Luong

Gangatharan Kharthick



“It’s like a dream come true. Having completed my CIMA in Sri Lanka, I had the opportunity to follow an MBA programme from Anglia Ruskin University, UK by FTMSGlobal Academy in Singapore. I was glad that with my CIMA membership and my work experience, I was allowed 90 credits exemption (a weightage of 50%) which gave me a shorter period of time to complete the MBA. Upon completion, I got the opportunity to join a leading Singapore company at a Managerial position and also obtained a S-pass to work in Singapore. The salary scale is quite impressive too.”

~ G. Kharthick, Sri Lanka

Ngo Thi Mai Trang



I have been studying at FTMSGlobal Singapore for one and a half year. The enthusiasm of lecturers, the friendliness of class-mates, the supporting of staffs and modern studying facilities here has made my time with FTMSGlobal Singapore memorable. All the lecturers here are very experienced and excellent. They help us prepare not only for exams but also for future career. They are always available to answer any questions and every student is paid attention individually. I will cherish the lessons and experiences here for the rest of my life.

Siti Rahimah Binte Sardar



All students preparing for the ACCA Exams must attend IRC

Amali Fernando


Diploma in HotelManagement

"The two years I spend at FTMS were the best two years of my educational life. It was a new experience to live and to study in a foreign country away from home. I was able to make good friends and to mingle withcolleagues from all over the world because at FTMS it is a multicultural society. The support I got from the lecturers and staff was endless. FTMS has always been a home away from home. I was studying CTH hotelmanagement and the teacher in charge of hotel management Ms.Kasturi Dhanapal she has always been theguidance behind our achievements. All thanks to my lecturers I was able to pass all my subjects in first attempt with flying colors. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my lecturers, staff at FTMSGLOBAL ACADEMY for the endless support you gave me. I wish all the very best to the collage."

Rena Mondale


Diploma in Hotel Management

"I am a 2011 graduate in Diploma in Hotel Management. The diploma has helped me matriculate at the school to continue my education in a Bachelor of Hotel Management. The support and courage that I received every time I walked into class was excellent. The course has equipped me with the tools and knowledge that I need to continue my education in graduate school"

Ninderpal Kaur Udai


Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

I am very thankful to all my teachers and the management of FTMSGlobal Academy to have guided me through a successful path. I was sent here for 6 months OJT and now I am proud to say that I am an outlet manager in MOS Burger Singapore.

Mohamed Luthufi Hasni Ahamed


Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

When I came to Singapore in February 2011 , I was very unsure about my future and I didn't have the confident that I can face the real hospitality world but now I am a very confident person and able to take pressures and challenges. This is all because of the training and guidance given to me by FTMSGlobal Academy to me, they trusted my capabilities and sent me to Mandarin Orchard Hotel, Singapore for 6 months OJT. Today, I can make up 16 rooms per day all by myself, I know how to meet guest satisfaction from the housekeeping point of view. Thanks to Mandarin Orchard Hotel Singapore and FTMSGlobal Academy.

Kailin Toh



"Hi Billy,

Good Day. Just an update, I have scored 54 marks for P2 Corporate Reporting, June 2012 exam and is very pleased with my result.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your delicated teaching and guidance in P2 Corporate Reporting.
I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wishes to take P2 in future.
Thank you once again =)



Brandon Choong



"Hi mr chin!

Yeah I had 89 for f5 though. Just disappointed I didn't score high for f6 because you made f6 my favourite subject. You will definitely see me in p6 next time.


Brandon Choong"




"Dearest Francis,

Thanks for your effort and time consuming for attending my question. Under such good teacher, sure, I would not let him disappointed. I did it, and PAST.
Once again THANKS.
Hope you will conduct higher level tax course in


Derek Liew



"Hi Billy,

Thank you for your guidance. I have passed my P2.

Warmest regards,

Khee Soon aka Derek"

Duong Hong Anh



"(For Mr Billy Ang)

Thank you very much, I have passed P2 @ 62.

Duong Hong Anh"

Kosimov Zahriddin


Professional Certificate in English

I love FTMSGlobal. All lecturers and staff are friendly and very smart. The location of the campus is fantastic and it is located in the city. I also like the football team Balestier Khalsa Football Club supported by FTMSGlobal. I will recommend my friends to come here to study. It is also cheaper to study here than my country and the quality of education is very good. I also love the facilities especially the library because I can find all the books I need.

Sun Qin Qin


Professional Certificate in English

I learned English in FTMS. The lecturers are very interesting. Initially, I didn't understand English but now I am able to use English to communicate with others.

Nguyen Ngoc Nhan


BA (Hons) Business Management

I am a student of FTMSGlobal Academy. I studied Diploma, Higher Diploma and now BA (Hons) Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University. The lecturers at FTMSGlobal are very good and I am able to pursue my studies with no problem. The school is caring and all staff are friendly and helpful. I am happy to be a student at FTMSGlobal Academy, Singapore. 



Diploma in Accounting and Finance

"I chose FTMSGlobal Academy to continue my studies (Accounting and Finance) is mainly because the reputation of the school in accounting and finance major. FTMSGlobal is well-known for its ACCA course and best lecturers in Singapore compare to other private school. Beside that the course fee is reasonable and acceptable for me as I come from the middle class family.

After I enrolled to FTMSGlobal, I feel that the lecturers is very friendly and try their best to help students who have many problems such as language barrier and assignments. Usually not all lecturer want to spend their free time to teach us, so I really appreciate it.

Beside that, there are also many foreign students enrolled here which give me opportunity to learn other countries' cultures and communicate with them eventhough there is a language barrier."

Naveen Sahanaj


Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management

"FTMS College is best for all student. They care for students.
I am satisfy to college services. I am very happy to join this college."

Nguyen Duy Linh


Professional Certificate in English

I find the English Language course good because the teacher is very friendly. As a foreign student, my English is weak and the teacher was patient and helped me to strengthen my reading and vocabulary skills. The teacher is helpful and I like the FTMS school environment as well. This is the best English class that I've attended.

Nguyen Ngoc Viet Cuong


Professional Certificate in English

I enjoy my English classes because I had good opportunities to speak and interact with other students. The course provided a lot of reading, writing and listening exercises. The course materials are interesting and varied. I found it easy to follow and achieve the learning targets with the help of my teacher.

Mandeep Kaur


Professional Certificate in English

I enjoyed my English Course very much. My English Teacher, Elizabeth, is very, very nice and loving to all students. She is by nature, very polite and friendly. Her teaching is clear and systematic. But having said this, I feel all.
FTMS English teachers are very, very good!

Jargalmaa Altangerel



"I am very grateful to our teacher Mr BIlly Ang. His advices and guides helped me a lot. All I had to do was to follow his instruction. Being attentive in lecture and revising afterward. Just as Billy says helped me in exam.

I consider myself very lucky to have chosen FTMSGlobal to pursue my ACCA. The staff and lecturers are really friendly and caring. The lecturers are very good and are able to guide me to do well for my exams."




"Hi Marty,

I manage to pass P3. Thanks!



Amanda teh chai ngoh



"Hi Marty,

I m amanda, your P3 day class student (jun 2011). I passed my P3--- 73% :))

I would like to thank you for your time & effort in marking our homework, emphasize on ""3 apples & 3 eggs "", stress on the important of time management, our check list.... the fun lessons with jokes & funny examples :)))

You are the best lecturer, not because of my score, is because of your sincererity in helping the students & taking your great effort to point out our individual mistake & the areas that we can improve further. your willingness of going extra miles to help the student is greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Amanda teh chai ngoh"

Erandika Kotalawala


BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

"Herewith, I would like to express my happiness and honor to be a student of FTMS. I have been studying for more than two years in FTMS. After successfully completing my Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance awarded by FTMSGlobal Academy, I pursued the BSc(Hons) in Accounting & Finance degree awarded by Anglia Ruskin University (ARU), UK with the same institute. During my course of study at the FTMS I was able to fulfil my lifelong learning desire with a well experienced panel of lecturers.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to my thesis supervisor who helped me all the way and he was readily available for me at every time. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all other lecturers in FTMS who guided me and gave me both moral and academic support over the last two years.

I greatly appreciate the administrative staff support and services that were rendered, especially when urgent correspondences with the university in UK were required. As I was an external student and being a first batch I needed their fullest co-operation for every single issue occurred during my university studies. They helped me to overcome all the difficulties not only for peer life but also in personal life too. Because of that, FTMS is such a wonderful place that I have ever been in my life with unforgettable nice memories. Without them and their support I won’t be able to achieve my tasks on time.

It is always a difficult decision to take when choosing to study an overseas course at a local institute. However, I chose the right place which has excellent facilities with diverse environment. All the students were friendly even though they were from different countries and cultures. However, I enjoyed the company of the international students including lecturers, staff and fellow classmates who inspired me to stay positive, strong and kept me moving forward through challenges and hard times in my life.

I would absolutely recommend FTMS for all students who are willing to further their studies.
I wish FTMS continuous success!"

Panneerselvom Thaksan


English + CAT + ACCA

"Hi, I’m from Sri Lanka, I’ve chose FTMSGlobal Academy to study English Course + CAT + ACCA and my choice was awesome. Now I’m ready to leave FTMS, and for this period, I gained good knowledge and understanding in my Accounting and Finance field more willingly than exam focus. FTMSGlobal’s lecturers, admin support, hospitality, library, computer labs and locations are really excellent. I’m sincerely thanking the whole FTMSGlobal team and I will recommend it to those students who would like to study ACCA.

Thank you,


Erandika Kotalawala


BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

"To the Management, 

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to my lecturer Dr. Wong Kit Chee who taught me in various semesters of my 3rd year Bachelor Degree (Accounting and Finance) class at the ARU external degree programme.

I greatly appreciate the many helps and attention with untold effort that he has imparted and shared with us in class as well as the many case study materials and notes, past year questions and answers and he drafted in his lectures and tutorials with many relevant industry examples from April 2010 to early Feb 2011 at FTMSGlobal Academy.

As a result of his untiring efforts to help us succeed, all of us in class received an impressive success rate of 100% passes for all those modules he taught us. In particular, I received a credit for my International Business, a Distinction grade for my Strategic Management Analysis, and another Distinction grade for my final year Undergraduate Major Project (Dissertation).

The skills and knowledge which I have acquired and learned in class will help me in my job and career as well as for my personal development. He is an excellent lecturer who has inspired me most to continue learning with a positive mindset.

I appreciate very much for his helps, inspiration and efforts.
Once again, thank you very much and I take this opportunity to wish him well and success at FTMSGlobal Academy Singapore.
Thank you."

Rushika Wijendra


BA (Hons) Business Management

"I have been privileged to be a student of FTMSGlobal for the last two years. I have enjoyed completing both the Diploma and Higher Diploma in Business Management with good results. My performance enabled me to obtain a scholarship from FTMSGlobal to read for the degree in Business Management. I am delighted with the prospect of continuing my studies here at this prestigious institution. While being enthusiastic to complete my degree in this Institution from which I have learnt so much, I remain indebted to my lecturers.
Thanking the Management, Staff and Lecturers at FTMSGlobal Academy for the scholarship, I am honoured."

Htet Htet



"Hi Marty,

Finally I passed P3 with your notes=)
In this exam, i listened how to chose the Section (B) question =))

Tks for your best advice during the class.

Best Regards,

Htet Htet"

Ng Leng Leng




I pass P1 with 65 marks and P3 with 64 marks.
Thank you for your guidance & your effort in pushing us to do homework w/o fail. Keep it up!

Ng Leng Leng"




"Hi Marty,

How are you? I am your P3 part-time student for last semester. I passed my P3 in this June exam :) I want to thank you for your impressed teaching. It makes me not resist to study the theory paper like P3. I got the benefit from practising the homework after each class. Even I didnt fully finish my last question in the exam, I still got the chance to pass it. Thanks again!

Hope you have the nice day!

Tammy Liew



"Hi Martin,

I'm glad to inform you that i finally pass my P3 exam after few attempt, i pass with 60 mark. This is my last paper and now completed my ACCA paper already. Thanks so much for your effective lecture, the resit class is really very useful and effective.






"Hi Marty,

Working to Achieve P3
Firstly, I have to say for all its worth, Thank You for you, whom continually ‘bugging’ us for our homework. N all your exam tips & techniques to understand the question & get the marks. Everything u do... U certainly did it well for me... :-)






"Dear Marty,

I have passed P3 at 58%!! Super delighted now.

Thanks much for your guidance n support given during the course.

Who am I?? The lady with spec, always sit beside the pregnant lady.... Nick name=dkny?? Hopefully u can recall who am I.


Yen Vu



Long long long time have not seen you. And now I have tried my best to write an email to ask you one thing: Would you be kind enough to let me know how you are, how your thing is going on. You have had a wonderful new year haven’t had?

I am not sure that you still remember me, a very very nice student in P3 class last session. In my opinions, I was the most impressive one in the class you taught that you can not forget??! Please guess who I am?

It is so sad for me that you won’t teach P1 in this session as you said last year (still teach P3 don’t you?)

Oh you had better accept my thanks for your wonderful help (even not free and sorry for that) in teaching P3! When I got the lectures and revisions, video, I got sock! That is the 1st time I got a so special documents (never ever before, you know, that from now on I would like to get more thing from you). I have nothing to do with other supporting from BPP or online prepared fully before (P3 is said to be hard).

Oh, my result is not as good as expected. I got 49 mark at the beginning and because of following your SPICES (what they are I still wondered), I got 1 more mark at the middle and at the end, 4 marks more for being Marty ‘student and being the one that “I see Marty selfish” not “I see Marty smile” - “IOOMS”.

One more mark is for the secret thing called the exam-preserving amulet you gave me (in which there are a happy face, word “pass” because I did the exersice good). At that time, you said to me to keep and take in the exam and Oh my God, I did.

Finally I pass, oh My God, higher than average!

This session I intended to take P1 but Marty, please tell me what can I do if you are only teaching P3 in Hanoi? I had something of P1 from your student for last year exam, by you but unfornately P1 has changed! Oh dear! I am now wondering that I could have the updated P1 lectures, revisions from you for taking this subject in June this year. Terribly sorry if this bothered you!

Thanks for your great useful help!
Wish you rich of happiness, successful pass your passion and belief in dream of ACCA success to all students, special one in Vietnam!

Hope to see you soon!

Thanks & Regards!
Yen Vu

Hoang Thi Thai Ha



"Dear my teacher!

I would like to inform you that I have passed F8 with 61 marks. I have just received the result this morning. Yesterday I could not access acca web.
I must say that I am not only happy for the result but for the fact that Audit is no longer a difficult subject to me any more, thanks to your approach of teaching us.
Thank you very much and wishing you all the best for the new year!

Hoang Thi Thai Ha
Finance Officer

Catholic Relief Services-Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh Huyen



Today I just receive my exam result, and I am very glad to inform you that I passed F8 with 70 marks.

I would like to share my happiness with you and send you my gratefulness and thanks for all your supports during last course.

I hope to see you at later training courses in FTMS.

Best regards
Nguyen Thanh Huyen

Ong Lin Yee



"Dear Mr Eliott,

Hi sir, how are you? Hope everything is fine there. I was your intensive class student in FTMS KL during Nov 2010. I have passed my P4 Adv Financial Management paper. Thanks for your guidance. You really delivered a great lesson back then. =)

I planned to have my CFA in FTMS SG, hope to see you there.
Take care. =)






"Dear Eliott,

I got 70 marks for F5 and I would like to appreciate your efforts for F5. Without your kindness, method of teaching and timely support, it would not have been possible for me to complete and get good marks for F5. Today, I have no words to express my gratitude and sentiments for you.
Once again thank you so much for your support.

Yours Sincerely,




"Dear Marty!

I am very grateful to you for your teachings & tips in P3. Elated & grateful, were the feelings I felt when I received my result slips. I have passed P3 in one attempt & even have a score of 64! Thanks Marty so so so much!!! Your classes are interesting & engage us in all the time!
You are definitely a top notch & results oriented lecturer!
A big ""Thank You"" to you. I will definitely recommend my friends to you should they be looking for a great P3
lecturer =)

Take CaRe & KeeP in TouChi3!!!


KaTheRinE c',)"

Studying at FTMSGlobal