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Preparatory Course for Singapore Qualification Programme – Professional Programme


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Awarded By Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) 

Singapore QP


Launched in 2013, the Singapore CA Qualification (formerly known as the Singapore QP) provides a pathway for the training, qualification and recognition of those aspiring to become Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

FTMSGlobal is an Accredited Learning Organisation – Professional Programme (ALO-PP) and will be providing tuition for “Preparatory Course for Singapore Qualification Programme – Professional Programme”.

The Singapore CA Qualification framework is specially designed by Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) to enable professionals across all business aspects to acquire internationally portable skills. It facilitate the global recognition of Singapore-trained professionals across all business aspects and enhance the value-add of the accountancy profession in the Asian marketplace environment.

Learning Outcome

The Professional Programme modules will build on knowledge obtained from the Academic Base in order to develop the higher order skills of application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation; enhance the acquisition of more advanced knowledge; and integrate Practical Experience into the overall experience in training audit professionals and professional accountants.



3 months technical
1 month revision

Intakes (Course Start and End Date)

February – April
August – October


Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements: Minimum Age 21
Academic Level: An Accredited degree OR a recognised degree that is comparable to a 3-year undergraduate degree
Language Proficiency: prior education in English medium

Delivery Method

Through classroom lectures and tutorials.

Assessment by Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC)

Written examinations.


S/N Modular Fees List Fee
1 Technical and Revision SGD 1,500
2 Technical SGD 1,100
3 Revision SGD 875


  • Application Fee for International and Local Students: SGD 374.50 (with GST).
  • Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) and Medical Insurance: please visit Insurance Information for details.
  • All course fees are exclusive of the prevailing GST (7%) and are subject to change.
  • FTMSGlobal reserves the right to review and revise the fees as it deems fit without advance notice.


  • Assurance (Technical)
  • Business Value, Governance and Risk (Technical)
  • Financial Reporting (Technical)
  • Taxation (Technical)
  • Integrated Business Solutions (Technical)

Modules Synopsis

Assurance (Technical)

Students are relied upon to examine, assess and conclude on the assurance engagement and other audit and assurance issues in light of international best practices and current changes. Students are likewise needed to build up a decent comprehension of professional and ethical considerations and the systems in practice management, including quality control, the acknowledgement and maintenance of professional engagements, the audit of financial statements including coordinating, overseeing, confirmation and review, and other assurance assignments and reporting.


Business Value, Governance and Risk (Technical)

Students are required to exhibit a sound comprehension of the basis upon which corporate quality and values are made, kept sustainably and secured. Students must have the capacity to evaluate how governance arrangements may forestall long haul dysfunctional behaviour and addresses risk management as a major factor in governance and strategy.


Financial Reporting (Technical)

Students are required to exhibit their insights and apply the Singapore Monetary Reporting Standards (SFRS) to deliver a complete arrangement of the financial statements for an entity. Students must have the capacity to clarify and exhort on the utilization of the SFRS, showing suitable expert judgement in the process.


Taxation (Technical)

Students will learn to manage the Singapore taxation concerns that a general purpose accountant is likely to experience such as income tax from self-employment; employment and investments; the corporation tax liability of individual or groups of companies; stamp duty; the goods and services tax liability of businesses; and the variety of tax incentives available. Students should also be able to appreciate tax planning opportunities under domestic taxation laws and comprehend international taxation and comparative tax treatments for financial risk management considerations.


Integrated Business Solutions (Technical)

Students are required to distinguish business issues and opportunities utilizing their learning, aptitudes, qualities and judgment gained from the 4 specialized modules to create integrated business solutions for their clients/customers. Students must have the capacity to decipher and assess multi-disciplinary business case study/studies, drawing on key information of business strategy, financial reporting, finance, taxation, financial performance management, audit and assurance, and human resource management. Students will equipped themselves with skills and knowledge to evaluate key positions and business performance, distinguish and form feasible vital decisions and advise proper vital plans and activities to accomplish strong financial performance related execution and give feasible quality included business answers for shareholders and other stakeholders.


Award By Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) 


Upon successful completion of all technical modules.

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