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Diploma in Business Administration


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Business Administration

* This course is in the teach out phase. It is not available to new students for enrolment. Existing students are in the process of completing the course.


The Diploma in Business Administration program is designed to educate students and help them understand the theoretical and practical framework and the perspective of business management. Students would be exposed to a range of management skills that is useful to succeed in the current business environment.

Learning Outcome

  1. To develop students intellectual capabilities of interpretation and critically evaluate, select and synthese environmental information with rational analysis and problem solving skills within the business environment.
  2. To understand business management issues, select and apply relevant methodologies and devise appropriate plans.
  3. To analyse the business environment information and adopt innovative approaches to the development of business plans.



  • 6 months (Full-Time)
  • 9 months (Part-Time)

Delivery Method

Classroom face-to-face lectures and tutorials.

Assessment Methods

Course Work and Written Examinations.


All exemptions are subject to academic board approval.


S/N Title List Fee
1 Diploma in Business Administration S$ 7,200

* FTMSGlobal reserves the right to amend published course fees without notice. * Fee is inclusive of prevailing GST & subject to exchange rate fluctuations.

Course Modules

  • Business Law and Ethics
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Management
  • Principles of Business Management
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Organisational Behavior and Culture

Course Module Synopses

Business Law and Ethics

This module provides an understanding of the underlying principles of business law and a working knowledge of the law of contract and its practical application. It also explains the legal environment in which businesses operate, together with the impact of the European Community law upon the business environment. Moreover, this course also covers topics about ethics and morality, especially in the business setting.


Business Statistics

This course will provide the students with practical knowledge on how to use statistical data in business forecasting, which can also be applied in other modules like Economics and Marketing. The course delves on topics like statistical methods, presentation and summary of data. It also includes laws of probability, price indices, as well as cost and revenue functions.


Financial Management

It provides students with an in-depth analysis of a firm's financing, distribution, and risk management decisions. The module also evaluates complex investment financing and leasing decisions using the adjusted present value model, as well as explains the financial implications of merger and take-over activities. The course will also enable the students to understand the fundamentals of accounting and finance.


Principles of Business Management

This module covers the basic concepts of business administration and international business management. It will enable the students to understand and apply managerial principles to real situations in the organization. The Principles of Business Management is designed to prepare the students to be an effective manager, as it delves on topics like business ownership, environment of management, managerial skills and functions, globalization, and international trade and business handling.


Principles of Economics

This course will provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge on how the economy works and how it affects different types of businesses. It covers topics like Supply and Demand, Elasticity, Money market and output determination, National Economy, Unemployment and Inflation, Economic role of government, International Trade, and other related matters.


Principles of Marketing

This module is designed to provide an overview of the marketing environment in which organizations operates. It also investigates the role and function of marketing within the context of changing business setting and increasing international competition. The module covers the basic principles of marketing and how to apply it in actual situations. This paper also tackles how the consumer behaviour will affect the marketability of a product or service. The students will be provided with an overview of how behaviour is influenced by the society. A sound understanding of consumer behaviour is essential to the success of marketing activity.


Organisational Behavior and Culture

This module provides a framework for students to understand and apply relevant models of behaviour to the workplace, while allowing them to learn how to analyze different organizational environments and structure. It also emphasizes the critical importance of people in a work environment that is progressing through change and globalization. The module will also cover how human resources are motivated to endure exceptional work output and how different types of leadership may affect performance. Management practices will also be tackled.

Graduation Requirement

Upon successful completion of the course.


Diploma in Business Administration by FTMSGlobal Academy.

Graduation and Progression

Students who successfully complete the Diploma in Business Administration can progress to the Higher Diploma in Business Administration by FTMSGlobal Academy or 2nd year of Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Degree programmes such as BA (Hons) Business Management.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can seek employment in administrative, marketing, human resources, operations, research, marcom and finance functions.

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